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Meet Leda

 Leda feels at home and at peace on the water. While growing up in the freshwater mecca of Michigan,she always felt a deep connection with the Great Lakes. At the age of 16 is discovered the Great Lakes surf scene and fell madly in love with the sport. She has been shaping her life around being on, in, or near the water ever since. Leda was originally drawn to yoga as a compliment to her athletic and adventurous lifestyle. But soon after diving into her passion for yoga she began to realize that yoga was much more than just a physical practice. Yoga not only transformed her body, but also awakened her soul and shifted her mindset. Shortly after becoming a yoga teacher she, decided to blend her love of the water and board sports with her love of yoga. Her first summer as a SUP yoga teacher she teamed up with as many local studios and board rental shops in Leelanau county as possible to bring classes to the area. By the next summer she decided to follow her heart and start her own business, and that's when Fluid SUP was born. Leda has taught nearly a thousand students SUP yoga. She has also taught several SUP yoga teacher trainings, across the country, guiding other water loving yoga teachers on how to make the water their studio. In the non-summer months Leda now resides in Colorado and has fallen in love with another form of freshwater surfing, river surfing.

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