What is SUP?
SUP is short for “Stand Up Paddle.”

Will I fall into the water?

Maybe. Maybe not. Falling depends on so many factors, and in all honesty, those that do fall are instantly washed clean of any fears or expectations they places on the idea of tumbling into the water. Once a student falls, they try and try again without any worry or hesitation, because the worst that could happen is already over and it was no big deal.

I don’t have a SUP, do I need to rent one for class?
All Fluid SUP classes, lessons, and tours include the use of a Boardworks SUP board, a paddle, and anchor and leash (depending on the lesson) and a personal floatation device. If you wish to bring your own SUP board to class you will be given a $10 discount.

What should I wear to SUP yoga?
Moisture wicking athletic wear or a swimsuit is best for class. The water in Michigan is the summer time is warm, there is no need to wear a wetsuit. You won’t need shoes for SUP, but wearing sunscreen is never a bad idea.

I’ve never paddle boarded before, can I do SUP yoga? 
Yep!  A lot of students that come to class have never SUPed before. Every class/lesson starts with a lesson on proper SUP techniques on land before we enter the water. So in fact, most students leave with more knowledge than the average person who rents or buys a SUP without taking a lesson and never learns how to properly paddle.

I’ve never done yoga before, can I do SUP yoga?
Absolutely!  A lot of students are new to yoga. SUP yoga is a great way to be introduced to yoga. Being on am unsteady board forces us to slow down the practice of yoga and learn the proper balance in poses, so you won’t be left behind. Plus, being on the water is fun for everyone!

What should I bring to SUP?
Bring along whatever clothes you plan to SUP in (swimsuit or yoga clothes), a change of clothes for after (incase you go swimming), a towel, sunscreen, a hat or cheap sunglasses (incase they drown), and of course and open mind and a big smile!

Where can I see the photos taken during class?
Photos will shared with students via a google drive folder. So be sure to sign your email on your waiver sheet! Also some photos will be shared on the Fluid SUP Facebook page and website (don’t worry, we don’t publish the unflattering photos).

I want to buy a SUP but I don’t know what to buy?
Fluid SUP can help you get your hands (or feet?) on the right paddle board for your interests, whether you want to paddle lakes, rivers, surf or do yoga. Plus, we can get you a killer discount on Boardworks SUP boards, contact Leda for the hook up!

I want some of that epic Fluid SUP swag I’ve seen all the cool kids rocking. Where can I get some?
A Fluid SUP store is in the works for the website! But for now a fresh batch of hats, stickers, and shirts are on the way for summer 2015! Contact Fluid SUP for epic deals on the remaining goods from last season!