It’s Summer!!

It’s officially summer!! Whoo-hoo! With the first week of summer comes the first week of classes with Fluid SUP! I could not be more excited to get on the water and share my love of nature, health, and adventure with others. Since this is my first official blog post, and for those of you who may read this and don’t personally know me, I’ll give you a quick run down. My name is Leda (pronounced lee-duh)! I am yoga teacher on land and water, an adventure junkie, an air breathing mermaid born with 2 legs (a.k.a. a SCUBA diver), a Great Lakes surfer, a small town girl, a traveler, a creator of art, a HUGE fan of music. On top of all these things, I am the founder of Fluid SUP, the Midwestern affiliate of the amazing Stoked Yogi, and an ambassador for Glide paddle boards. I have been lucky enough to call Michigan’s Leelanau county my home for the last 8 years, and I am constantly discovering more and more of its beauty through my adventures. Its truly one of the most beautiful places ever! Winters can be a bit slow around these parts, so I’ve also been know to post up and enjoy adventures in other beautiful places, like Utah and Colorado, for a few months out of the year. I live a blessed life and am truly grateful for all the amazing people and opportunities that have come my way. I am a firm believer of pursuing true happiness and always following your dreams and passions, which is why I have started Fluid SUP!
I’ve spend countless hours on the waters of northern Michigan, swimming, surfing, sailing, fishing, wakeboarding and of course paddle boarding! Fluid SUP has begun with the intention of sharing the fun times, as well as the peacefulness, that I have experienced on these waters with others. I hope to inspire others to let their life be a continuous adventure, to find beauty in the present moment by finding beauty in nature, and faith in themselves by stepping outside their comfort zone and trying something new. Paddle boarding is not just balancing on water, its balancing the mind, body and soul. Finding peace in nature allows us to find peace in ourselves.
This summer Fluid SUP will be offering yoga and fitness classes on the water, as well as fun excursions, workshops, and retreats in northern Michigan. This blog will be my outlet for sharing all the fun adventures and inspirations that come along in my journey. Life is meant to be lived, find your bliss and share it with others!