Spring Seeds of Inspiration


Hey all! It’s officially spring and its time to get stoked for another season on the water! As some of you know, I made the decision to start Fluid SUP in a matter of weeks last year. I was living in Colorado at the time (which was also a spur of the moment decision) and as summer crept up I started to have major open water withdrawals. I traveled to California to help teach a Stoked Yogi teacher training the first week of June and midway through a class on the water I had a realization that I couldn’t not share my love of paddle boarding with others. I flew back to Colorado, shoved all my belongings into a storage unit, and rushed home to Northern Michigan to follow my passion.IMG_0006

Simply put, it was the best decision ever. I had the most amazing summer of my life. I realized that in taking big risks, no matter what the outcome is, there is always a reward. If you follow your heart, good things will come your way. I saw the importance of placing trust in the universe. I then realized that placing trust in the universe requires us to listen and place trust in our inner voice. Listening to our inner voice and trusting ourself is actually the same as trusting the universe. We all contain the universe (or whatever higher being you wish to call it) inside of us, but we must learn to trust it, to face our fears to continue to step down the path we are destined for. To pursue our dreams. In following my dreams and starting my our SUP Yoga company I found the most fulfilling part of the whole summer was talking with my students about pursuing their own dreams. I learned that I was capable of inspiring others to listen to their own inner voice, just as I did. I realized the power of inspiration that all of us hold within. I wouldn’t have chose to take a chance at following my dreams if I wasn’t inspired by others myself. What we put out into the universe comes right back. If you walk by a stranger and send out a smile, a smile will come back. Life is an echo. So with that yogi-like ramble being said, I’ve decided to finally pursue this  blog that I’ve been procrastinating about since I started Fluid SUP, with the intention of course to INSPIRE! Who knows what it will lead to, or if it will lead to anything for that matter, but I’m gonna sow a new seed for spring, and see what grows.


My view is ok here.

So let’s play catch up on ‘What’s SUP’. I moved back to Colorado for the Fall/Winter/Spring, and plan on calling Colorado my home base for a the next couple of years. GASP! Yes, it’s dry and landlocked, and this mermaid is drinking gallon upon gallon of water to feel normal. Yes, I will be in Northern Michigan for July and August to run Fluid SUP and play on the Great Lakes. But Colorado now owns a special place in my heart. It is insanely beautiful and full of nonstop adventures. Upon returning to the the mountains I was quickly reminded of how every simple task is much more strenuous when you live at 10k feet. My sea level lungs make me feel like a fish out of water, and I instantly turn into an awkward mouth breather any time I climb a flight of stairs. I’ve found that when everything you do feels like a workout, actually working out gets bumped to the bottom of your to do list. But spring is upon us and I am feeling motivated to get in amazing shape! Maybe it’s the warm sunny weather (thought it just snowed 2 feet as I typed this), maybe my lungs have finally acclimated to life at 10k feet, or maybe I just simply want to be physically ready to get my ass handed to me while paddling gnarly Colorado whitewater this spring. Whatever it is, I’m feeling inspired to get in the best shape ever, and have chosen to share some of this inspiration with you via this blog.


I’ll start off by sharing a few goals that I have set for myself 5 mornings a week for the spring season…
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This only take up 30 mins of each morning and is totally achievable. The other two mornings a week I plan on completing 30 minutes of yoga or running. On top of this I plan on doing outdoor activities such as trail running, paddling, hiking and mountain biking whenever possible.


Throughout this spring I will be sharing short my progress, and tips to keep on track to get in great shape. I will post short my interval workouts aimed at getting in shape for SUP season and energizing yoga flows to help awaken and warm up the body before the workouts. Along with these workouts I will share some killer playlists that help motivate me, because killer jams are a crucial part of my life. I also plan on sharing some of my favorite recipes. Not only recipes for food, juices, and smoothies; but also for some of my favorite all natural homemade beauty products. What we put on the outside of our body, effects our health just as much as what we consume on the inside.


To help you get motivated along with me, here’s a link to my first workout I’ve put together,—> 15 Minute Interval Workout for SUP Strength. This workout targets the main muscle groups used during paddle boarding. It’s short yet super effective, and uses no props, so you have no excuse not to give it a shot.


Let’s keep the spring inspiration flowing! Share your goals and tips for getting healthy this spring in the comments!