Summer Grooves, Laid Back Moods

The key to a good summer is having the ability to lay back and take it all in. No rushing, no stress, just living in the moment. And nothing brings me into the moment like music. Here’s a 40 song mix of my key songs for summer. I could make this list go on and on forever, and if you want to chat about music sometime, we could go on and on forever. These songs have been on repeat in my life and bring nothing but good mellow vibes. Most of these have a psychedelic/slacker rock n’ roll vibe, which I feel suits the hot days of summer best (check out my running playlist if you’re more of an electronic boogie fan). Best enjoyed on the beach, or by the water, with a beer, friends, and possible legal herbs (depending on which state you reside). Everything with balance. Relax man, its summer!